Submissions will be considered under the following headings.


City Libraries

New Generation Libraries ( A Libraries, Library 4.0)

New Technologies

Innovation within the Context of Library Services

Digitization in Libraries and Advantages Secured

Digital Collections

The Formation, Preservation and Presentation of Digital Collections

Collaboration between Libraries

Libraries and Lifelong Learning

Libraries and Reading Habits

Digital Libraries

Management of Digital Libraries

Generation Z

Mobile Applications in Libraries

Library Architecture in Cities


City Archives

Why are City Archives Important for our cities?

City Archives Case Studies

Digital Archives

Innovation within the Context of Archival Services

Archival Services in the Digital Age

Access in Archives in the Digital Age

Ethics and  Privacy Issues in Digital Age Archives

Activating the Archive

Management of Digital Archives

Creative Archiving

Cloud Mapping

Archival Knowledge and Competencies in the Digital Age

Archivist 3.0


Archives 3.0

Mobile Applications in Archives

Archival Architecture in Cities


City Museums

Why are City Museums Important?

Digital Museums/Exhibitions

Innovation within the Context of Museum Services

Mobile Applications in Museums


The Role of Libraries, Archives and Museums in Urbanization

The Preservation of Urbanization’s Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age

The Role of Information Systems and Technologies in the Urbanization Process

Museum Architecture in Cities