Submissions Criteria


  • Submissions to be presented at undergraduate level (with the exception of posters) should be made by groups comprising of at least 4 students. Individual submissions will be accepted for presentations at postgraduate (both Masters and PhD level).
  • Abstracts should include the following academic sections found in publications (aim, methodology, findings, conclusion).
  • Abstracts should not exceed 250 words and should be written using Microsoft Word and a margin of 3cm should be allowed from left, right, top and bottom. Times New Roman should be with a 12 font and text should be single spaced.
  • Posters should be prepared according to the following dimensions: 50x70 cm.
  • The title of the study should be written on the first line in capital letters and the names, surnames and titles of the writers should be written on the second line with the name of the student who will presenting at the conference underlined. Academic titles and affiliations, if any, should be provided in a footnote. The title of the study and the names of writers should be centre spaced.  
  • All text should be indented from left and right and paragraphs should not be indented. A single line should be left between paragraphs.  
  • The full text of accepted submissions will be published by Istanbul’s Metropolitan Muncipality Atatürk Library as conference proceedings in full text format. The Scientific Committee will respond to abstract submissions following evaluation. The deadline for the submission of abstracts has been extended to 15th April 2016.
  • Abstracts should be saved according to the name of the student who will speak at the conference for example, Büşra Yıldırım: byildirim.doc.


Criteria for Evaluation of Abstracts:

• Being Current

• Originality

• Contribution to the field

• Conformity to Title and Sub-headings

• Flow of Methodology



Title of Paper


                      TITLE OF PAPER (Times New Roman, 14)


Writers (in order) University, Year, e-mail addresses


Name, Surname, Marmara University Information and Records Management Department,  3. Year 

Times New Roman, 12




The abstract relating to the study should be clear and concise and should comprise of 250 words.

Times New Roman, 12




The principal publications used in the study should listed in the References section in  APA format.

Times New Roman, 12




At least three key words relating to the study should be listed as subject headings. 

Times New Roman, 12